New self-help website launches self-assessment tools.

Online PR News – 21-December-2015 – Reno, NV – Serial entrepreneur and private equity fund manager, Kevin Petersen, has launched a new self help project online called the Tao of Glass ( to help people assess the intrinsic value of everything in their lives.

Loosely based on Taoist principals, Petersen shares his own philosophies and perspectives on everything from the value of your brain to the contents of your refrigerator. Petersen commented, “This started out as a fun water cooler conversation I was having with clients, and then I realized that the idea really stuck with people and helped them to make some positive changes.”

The website content is deliberately avoiding sounding too preachy, and is instead encouraging visitors to be introspective and contemplative while giving them new and refreshing ways of looking at the material, non-material and even spiritual things in their lives.

Petersen said, “I’m offering a way for optimists and pessimists to finally get along after 10,000 years of turmoil. And on a personal level, I’m hoping to give individuals a shorter path to inner peace.” Tao of Glass will eventually offer private coaching and half-day workshops as the curriculum is developed in early 2016.

To find out if your own glass is half full or half empty, just visit

About Kevin Petersen: Kevin Petersen is an author, entrepreneur and marketing consultant who is managing numerous online brands through his private equity firm Webfolio Management Inc. ( headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

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