Date: April 25, 2015.

Time: 9am-6pm

Location: Jewish Community Center in the Presidio

Inside the KanBar Theatre


What’s Hustle Con?

Hustle Con is a badass conference where the best non-technical founders (aka hustlers) teach how they got started and give practical advice on growing your startup. If you’ve heard of a hacker, well a hustler is its counterpart. Basically, it’s like a rock n’ roll version of TED, except not as hoity-toity. The catch? None of our speakers know how to code.


How It Works

Hustle Con works like business school: you show up and are taught strategies for starting and growing your company. Except at Hustle Con you’re not paying $50,000 a year to attend. And you’ll actually use what you learn. And your professors have actually accomplished what they’re teaching. And you won’t wanna skip it. When you leave, you’ll be able to implement what you learned. But you might be hungover on Saturday, the day after Hustle Con. That’s your fault though. We’ve gathered the founders of the fastest growing startups to give 30 minute keynotes on actionable tactics for launching and growing your startup. You’ll learn how they got started, how they grew, and what they learned along the way.

Should I Come?

If you wanna learn from the best founders in the world, then yeah, come. If you wanna learn nontechnical tactics, then yeah, you should come. If you’re a founder, public company employee, wantreprenuer, technical or not technical then yeah, you should definitely come. Oh yeah, by the way…last year’s event sold out weeks in advance. As did the year before. So make sure you get your tickets ASAP. We will sell out soon.