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About Us

We are a private equity firm that acquires and invests exclusively in online business. Our investment portfolio encompasses digital assets consisting of websites, apps, software, and online training programs. We offer dividend income and growth potential to investors while cultivating a select community of website owners, operators, and support services.

Our Process

The equation above illustrates the art and science that sets Webfolio apart from the rest, and it all starts with a strong asset. We are deliberate in the acquisitions we choose and therefore, only about 5% of the deals we see make it to the next level. From there, we go deeper and put each asset through a comprehensive risk assessment to understand both the potential upside, downside and if the asset aligns with our expertise and infrastructure. Lastly, and arguably the most differentiating factor, is that we’re all operators. Not only have we done this before, but we know how to do it again. If this sounds like a good fit, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Our Criteria

Without a doubt, time is our most valuable resource. To prevent “tire kicking,” we have found that having a clear strategy and a deliberate approach to investing allows us to be as efficient as possible:

1. EBITDA between $500k and $2m

We have a very specific niche. While our experience includes both small and large companies, we appreciate the opportunity to work closely with our portfolio companies. That can only happen when they are smaller.

2. Ability to fully acquire or take controlling interest

Not Angel and not VC; we are a buyout fund. That said, if you’re talented, we can appreciate the value you can provide and therefore would only be looking for controlling interest.

3. Technology based with majority of revenue coming from subscriptions or maintenance fees

Our philosophy aligns best with what Warren Buffet says: Invest in what you know. Our team is made up of operators with extensive experience in software as a service (SAAS) technology companies. There’s nothing wrong with other business models, but it’s simply not our focus.

Our Team

Led by our founder and CEO, Kevin Petersen, Webfolio Management has developed an impressive team mixed with experienced operators, free-thinkers and skilled practitioners that can supercharge companies and take them to the next level.

Managing Partner

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and marketing guru with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Prior to founding Webfolio Management in 2013, Kevin ran his own marketing firm that specialized in marketing automation and strategy for some notable companies like Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Caesar’s Entertainment and insurance membership company AAA. In his free time, you can usually find Kevin jamming out to some tunes, skiing the slopes in Tahoe or spending quality time with his wife and kids.


Focused on portfolio growth strategies, Aloke understands how to turn start-ups into emerging leaders, and emerging leaders into market leaders. Aloke leverages over 20 years of experience in executive roles for companies like Salesforce and Axial, to build world class sales organizations and international growth plans for Webfolio’s portfolio companies. As a Toronto native, who speaks Hindi and Mandarin from his time in China and India, Aloke is a fan of live music – especially Blues, and an avid hockey, tennis and soccer player, where it’s becoming more challenging to keep up with his two boys.

Vice President

Dan is responsible for sourcing new deals and investments. With a knack for relationship building and a background in finance and technology, he is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between founders and investors. When not in the office or at a networking event, Dan can usually be found on a golf course or with his wife enjoying one of Philadelphia’s great restaurants.

Our Portfolio

Here are a few of the brands we operate today

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